Digital Fingerprinting and Fraud Prevention Service

SurValidate is the most comprehensive and user friendly de-duplication and fraud prevention service on the market. Our robust and comprehensive technology validates the uniqueness and authenticity of your online market research respondents.

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Online surveys have become a ubiquitous part of daily life over the past two decades. Customer feedback, marketing research surveys, and product development studies are commonplace.

Issue #1

As a best practice, researchers provide incentives to respondents as a show of appreciation for their time and input. These incentives range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Incentives are the primary tool used to engage online survey respondents. While incentives are effective at motivating respondents to fill out online surveys, there is a dark side. With the potential to earn quick cash, there arises the opportunity for the less honest among us to take advantage of this windfall. These thieves create multiple accounts/identities so they can take a survey multiple times. Others create bots (automated survey responses) to take surveys even faster under these multiple identities. Still others attempt to mask their identity through the use of VPN, TOR browsers, proxy sites, etc.

Issue #2

With the rise of online surveys, the number of companies providing access to respondents has expanded dramatically. Quirk’s marketing research has over 300 listings for online panel providers. Most people who take online surveys are members of multiple panels. The chance that a consumer is legitimately invited to the same survey from multiple panels is increasing every year.

All of this leads to duplicate and/or fraudulent respondents in surveys. This violates the very essence of sampling and survey research – the gathering of valid and actionable insights.


SurValidate is  the most comprehensive, transparent and user-friendly de-duplication and fraud prevention tool on the market. Our robust and comprehensive technology validates the uniqueness and authenticity of your online market research respondents.

You need unique respondents in your surveys?  You got it!

SurValidate in Action:

“Thank you!  This is clearly a sophisticated system and you’ve put a lot of work into this to make it an effective tool” 

Research Company Online Survey Administrator


SurValidate allows you to set your own protection thresholds or will suggest protection thresholds based upon years of research and industry standards. However, you have the final say in how strict you’d like your online research studies screened.


SurValidate’s secure reporting dashboard provides real-time detailed activity reporting on every project and any respondent that SurValidate has monitored. You’ll be able to monitor which respondents were flagged and why as well as the total number of overall unique hits used and how many of those hits SurValidate determined to be likely duplicate or fraudulent.


SurValidate is an API-based software as a service (SAAS) solution.  SurValidate is engaged when a respondent hits a designated landing page (survey, panel signup, etc), and instantly observes and evaluates the respondent device and returns a large amount of data to the researcher.  The researcher can programmatically allow or block a respondent from progressing based on their research objectives.

Descriptions of SV’s checking categories

SurValidate instantaneously examines respondent devices and checks over 120 values.

Each respondent receives the following scores:

Dupe Score:

A variable score (0-100) indicating the likelihood of the respondent having previously accessed the survey

Fraud Score

A variable score (0-100) indicating the likelihood the respondent is attempting to mask location/identity

SV Score

An easy to use single score (0-81) which clients can use to block or accept respondents.

The major evaluation categories include:


  • SV IP Check
  • Browser/Proxy
  • Geo/Location
  • Local System
  • ISP
  • Email System
  • Additional Installed Components


  • Open/Anonymous Proxy
    • Reason for Proxy Fail (VPN, TOR Browser, Proxy Site, Malicious Site, etc)
  • Browser Language Inconsistency
  • Device Location Inconsistency
  • Uncommon Browser Detected
  • “Off-Peak” Hours
  • Uncommon Operating System Detected
  • Browser/Device Language Inconsistency
  • IP Structure
  • Operating System Language Inconsistency

SurValidate reports Pass/Fail for each of the Dupe/Fraud categories, giving the researcher extraordinary power and flexibility

“This is helpful especially at study launch; project managers can quickly see what’s going on with a new study and when a panel provider is added.” –
Product Development

VP, Software Company

SurValidate Reporting

All SurValidate data are returned via API. In addition, we provide clients with a custom dashboard to enable quick analysis of studies. This is especially helpful at survey launch or when adding a panel partner to an existing study.

“We were seeing 30% to 40% duplicates in our multi-panel studies. We use cookies but we were missing a lot!” – VP, 

Operations, Research Company



SurValidate Express™ is also made available for clients who do not have IT staff or who want to bypass API connections.

SurValidate Express™ is a URL-based system. It’s easy! Watch this video to see how it’s done.

Use Cases

  • Identify and block duplicate respondents from entering online surveys
  • Stop fraudulent respondents in their tracks
  • Screen online panels signups to prevent extra/bogus accounts
  • Integrity check for online HR Reviews
  • Limit contest entries to one per person
  • Keep spam accounts out of forums
  • …and many more!

Comparison to competition

SurValidate is the clear choice for serious researchers.  SurValidate was tested against RelevantID and came out on top.  Click here to see the results.



To use SurValidate, identify the number of hits or survey starts you want and purchase a subscription.  Our subscriptions are not time-based they do not expire!  You will not lose hits at the end of a year.

We value transparency.  Our pricing is listed below.

Single Project

$.04 per hit, minimum charge of $250


Number Of Hits Cost Cost Per Hit
100,000 $2,500 $0.025
250,000 $5,000 $0.020
1,000,000 $10,000 $0.010
2,500,000 $20,000 $0.008

For higher volume packages call us!

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