Industry Yardstick

Real-Time Benchmarking Made Easy

Industry Yardstick is a simple, yet extremely effective tool designed to offer you real-time insights from those that matter most – your clients and customers. When used effectively, Industry Yardstick will become a complementary piece of your firm’s overall business decision making process.

Created on the belief that your client’s and consumer’s’ voice MUST be heard, Industry Yardstick allows for the rapid collection of vital data provided to you through the opinions of your clients and customers. Industry Yardstick allows you to compare your results with the results of others in your industry (including your own branches or divisions) allowing for deeper insights into why your customers and clients feel the way they do about your products, services, or offerings. Use the data generated for you by Industry Yardstick to help drive your business decisions of today and tomorrow!

So Simple, So Powerful

Industry Yardstick is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that doesn’t require any installation of software or a database to manage. Whether you need access at work, home, or while traveling on the road, if you can access the internet you can take advantage of all that Industry Yardstick has to offer!

Below are just a few of the features our clients love most about Industry Yardstick:

Simple to Create a Campaign Survey

Simple to Add Your Own Personalized Questions

Powerful Results Using An Easy-To-Understand Interface

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