How do I join?

You can register with us for FREE at Bizpinion.com. Please remember, the more information you provide us, the more studies we are able to invite you to participate in!

Why am I not invited to participate in more studies?

Your eligibility to participate in our studies will vary depending on the requirements and objectives provided by our clients as well as the completeness of your member profile. For example, a survey may require participants who are of a specific age, income, profession, or culture. If you do not fall into the specific category of individuals required by the survey, you will not be selected to participate. Furthermore, if your profile is incomplete or outdated, we’re unable to accurately invite you to participate in studies for which you may qualify.

When will I receive my reward for participating in a study?

In most cases, your reward will be credited to your “My Dashboard” within 2 weeks of the project’s completion.

Where can I find available studies?

You can check for available studies by logging into your Bizpinion.com account and selecting “Surveys”. We will also email you when there is a new survey for you to complete. Please be sure to add wendy@bizpinion.com to your trusted or safe sender list to ensure that our emails are delivered to your Inbox.

How do I ensure I never miss a study invitation?

To ensure you never miss an email invitation from us, you should add wendy@bizpinion.com to your personal email’s trusted or safe sender list.

To safely add wendy@bizpinion.com via Gmail:

1.       Click Gmail dropdown in the upper left hand corner of your screen

2.       Click Contacts

3.       Click the New Contact link in the upper left hand corner of your screen

4.       In the Email box, enter wendy@bizpinion.com and then hit your Enter key

To safely add wendy@bizpinion.com via Yahoo:

1.       Click the Contacts tab

2.       Click + New Contact in the upper left hand corner of your screen

3.       In the Email box, enter wendy@bizpinion.com and then click Save

To safely add wendy@bizpinion.com via Outlook:

If you are using Outlook 2010:

1.      On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the dropdown arrow next to Junk

2.      Select Junk Email Options

3.      Click the Safe Senders tab

4.      Click Add

5.      In the Enter an e-mail address box, enter wendy@bizpinion.com and then click OK

If you are using a previous version of Outlook:

1.      On the Tools menu, click Options

2.      On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail

3.      Click the Safe Senders tab

4.      Click Add

5.      In the Enter an e-mail address box, enter wendy@bizpinion.com and then click OK

Why am I being disqualified after being invited to participate in a study?

Unfortunately, not everyone who starts a survey will qualify and successfully complete it. There are times when your answers do not meet the criteria needed for a particular survey. Your eligibility is determined by several questions at the beginning of the survey. Typically, these initial questions, will determine your eligibility and only eligible panel members will be able to complete the survey and receive their reward. In addition, many panel members may be attempting the same study as you and therefore the study is filled quickly. We encourage you to check your “My Dashboard” account page daily in addition to responding to our emailed invitations as soon as you receive them.

Will I be asked to provide my banking or credit card information?

There may be studies that will ask you about the bank you use or the credit cards you own generally speaking. However, you will never be asked to provide your actual bank account information or credit card numbers or have to make a purchase from us or one of our clients.

How can I request a Reward?

You can request a Reward by using the “My Rewards” section of your Bizpinion.com account. Please note that in order to request a redemption, you must have the minimum balance of points required.

How can I cancel my account?

To unsubscribe from Bizpinion.com, you may select “Unsubscribe” from your “My Dashboard” account page or click the “Unsubscribe” link provided in any Bizpinion.com email.

How can I update my profile information?

You may update your profile information at any time by using the “My Account” section of your “My Dashboard” account page.

Still need help?

Current Bizpinion.com members should submit a support ticket through the Help Center. Non-members can click here to send us an email.